We give startup ecosystem builders the opportunity to dive in an intensive & immersive 3-5 day mission in another startup ecosystem, to explore it and meet with other key leaders, building bridges between them. 


Gain deep knowledge of other startup ecosystems

Apodissi soft lands your start-up in the YabaLand, the Lagos Silycon Valley in West Africa, we bridge you to the great opportunities offered by the GCC incubators in UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. What’s in for you:

  • Gain knowledge of the ecosystem's establishment conditions, incentives, tax and legislation

  • Participate in local events and conferences

  • Get access and connect with the destination ecosystem network

And of course if your target destination is in Europe, we bring you along to our mission to the top Innovation events in the old continent, from the Slush event in Helsinki to the SeedStar program in Switzerland.