With Apodissi, complexity evolves in simplicity.
Make your brand relevant for your target market.

With Apodissi you define your market drive positioning 

Complexity Analysis:

* Evaluating existing internal data and conducting local qualitative and quantitative researches
* Understanding what people value and what makes them buy a product
* Local positioning options are matched with the brand's global value proposition to filter out concepts that would over stretched the brand
* Finding out what local target groups already think of the brand helps to identify the most convicing positioning concepts

Simplicity results: 

* Based on a thorough competitor analysis, only the true uniqe positioning concepts are identified
* The optimal market-driven positioning enables the brand to become and stay highly relevant in the local market

Our services aim to help you to take your product to the local market, including:

  • Events

    • Workshops

    • Product, service roadshow

    • Customised events

  • Customer insights

    • Monitoring your local partners and distributors

    • Customer satisfaction surveys

    • Quantitative market researches

  • Activation

    • Trade marketing

    • In-store promotions

    • Local customisation of your international communication

    • Brand activation initiatives

    • Local sponsorships opportunities to boost your brand awareness